Hey everyone, im cuurently wanting to transcribe from tab form onto a grand staff and I was wondering, how can I determine what jkey signature the song is in. The song that I'm transcribing is Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden. If anyone can tell me what key thats written in ,or better yet how i can tell what key signature a song is written in, i would very much appreciatte it.


Slave To The Shred
Cheap way to figure it out:
start tremolo picking on one string moving up by fret by fret until you get up to a note that "fits" in. Chances are thats the root note of the key you're in. Try different scales over it to see what works best (the regular minor and major first)

other than that you figure out the actual notes that are being used (knowing the key signature in advance makes it easier but its just intervals in end) and then observe how many flats/sharps theres and look up what key has the same number of them (circle of fiths) and what note the song resolves to (to determine if its major/minor/one of the modes/whatever)

Hallowed Be Thy Name is in E minor