Just bought an Ibanez RG320DX and cannot find a wiring diagram on the net. Ibanez's site links to this model don't work.
So could someone please take photograph of inside the back of there RG320DX so i can see what goes where..

Cheers, it would be a massive help. RJP1
This should probably be moved to the Electric Guitar Forum. You'd probably get more useful answers there anyway.
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Yeah I know, but the Pit is a wealth of info!! So anyone?

The Pit is a wealth of info on random sex facts and liberal propoganda. If you want guitar help, go to the Electric Guitar Forum. If you post in there, you will get the help you need. I'll even help you since I've owned a very similar Ibanez and I'm pretty good with electronics.

If not, prepare to be eaten alive by the mods.

Also, GOOGLE is your friend.
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Repeat thread: one thread per topic please.


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