Alright, well, I've found THE guitar.. the one thats most comfortable, the best looking, the overall most kickass guitar for me (though I know many of you disagree with this one).

Basically, I've always loved the Firebird, and the studio also has humbuckers, comfortable switches... etc

Anyway, my main question to all of you, is what to do to it to make it better overall... Im
looking for brands too...

- Strap Lock of some kind (preferably gold to fit the hardware)
- Locking Tuners (Assuming the Firebird doesnt need some special tuners... if not they should be fine)

Anything Else any of you can think of? And no, Im not going to cut the body in any way shape or form, I love the shape, get over it.
strap locks you could fit some schaller locks. locking tuners ummmm.... i dont know and maybe you could install some new pickups
What kind of amp ya got?
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What kind of amp ya got?

Im buying a Traynor Blue tube amp after my birthday (eg with money from my birthday) and ill get this.. sometime after.
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- Strap Lock of some kind (preferably gold to fit the hardware)

Get DiMarzio's Clip-Lock strap.
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Get DiMarzio's Clip-Lock strap.


That has to be the most comfortable strap I've ever used. And its the most secure strap-lock I've used to date (I've used Schallers, Dunlops, and DiMarzios and the Dunlop and Schallers have both come undone)