cant afford anything really but i want the sg look. they are light, and always have a good crunch! so ive read good and bad reviews about this guitar . . . more good then bad but i dont know for sure. give me opinions is it good or not?
if your price range is cheaper i would say to get a westfield sg or little more expensive epiphone sg. Dont think the vintage feels right. i feel its unreliable on stage!
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go to your local guitar store, try a few out. Make sure you try em at least with the amp u have. (plus if u like, a really nice stack) Base your descision upon that
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I have a G-400, and it's fairly good. I haven't had any problems with it, other than the wiring was screwed up on mine (volume controlled tone, tone controlled volume). One piece of advice that I have would be to switch the pickups, the stocks aren't good at all (mine are EMG's now, and they're WAY better). Just go down to your local store, and try it out on YOUR amp. It's really just your own opinion on whether to get it or not.
I don't have the g-400 but I do have the LP copy, had for about 3 years. I love it, but then I'm not in a band so have no idea about live. The thing is built like a tank, weighs a ton and sounds OK to my ears but you really need to try a few. I compared mine to the epis and thought it was every bit as good.
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I want to get that sexy brown vintage sg, but I'm really worried about the neck-dive problem.
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I want to get that sexy brown vintage sg, but I'm really worried about the neck-dive problem.

EVERY SG has that problem. It's not too bad if you can get used to it.
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Yeah I got the vintage g-400 here's a pic (not very good pic though)

The "neck dive" could be a problem, but if you just figure out a way to add some stabilizing weight with your picking arm you should be fine... unless you're a flamboyant picker. But it is a fairly light weight guitar so holding it up with your frettin hand shouldn't be a hassle... atleast it wasn't for me after I got used to it.
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