I have a tube amp as most do and i have an issue with volume on my HSS strat. I keep things on the drive channel most of the time and roll the volume back for semi-clean rythem tones and turn it up when its time to lead.. Now on the strat i cant get a good enough sound to come out until i put my guitar up to atleast 6..which is almost to overdriven to be a rhythem tone..I played my friends gibson les paul today, and on his guitar volume i can get a very clarified sound having the guitar only at 2. Is there a way i could switch pots to get a better sound quality coming from my guitar so i could get more volume at a lower guitar level itself..Now i dont want someone to tell me to turn the amp up because when i lead i like to have my guitar on 10..not 6 or 7..so i dont want to crank it just to get a better clean tone at level 2 on the guitar..any help would he appreciated.