Note:I know everyone has put a song on hear having something to do with a Martryr, but mine is just plain MARTYR.

Part One: A man in love with a woman who is a Martyr. A woman who chooses to die for her beliefs in which the man keeps her from doing it.

Your face, and your lips, sweetening, as it rips
So your sweetness, resembles, why I, tremble

You?ll, fool me, into thinking, you?re the game we?re playing
Now I realize, that you are, an idolized, sufferer . . .

So go, don?t stop, or you?ll have to take the death row my way
So now, run far, don?t turn back so you won?t die and decay, hey

Your body, and your eyes, enlightening, as they cry
So enlightening, it forgets, that you?re screwing, the residents

You?ve, told me, that our love, will be tearing
And so on, I?ll be stitching, and repair, our ending


And so on you will know, that your eyes so indifferent as they glow
And so if you still think you?re a Martyr, I hold your hand even harder

Guitar solo
i really hope you intended this to be a joke... otherwise, all your doing is taking the lyrics, arrangement, and singing rhythm from "pull harder" by trivium. try being original next time you decide to write a song.
Very good, buit one thing i couldn't help notincing was this:

"Your face, and your lips, sweetening, as it rips" sounds identical to the first line from "pull harder on the strings of your MARTYR" which is "The Face, and the lips, Tremble, as it rips"

apart from those two similarities its good, i like it 8.5/10
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Yes that first line was inspired by or whatever by trivium but otherwise it's all original, everyone is making a martyr song and so I wanted to make one and that trivium song inspired mine.
i understand your inspiration and everything, but you need to come up with your own ****... but at least your imitating trivium songs ....