is the behringer HB-01 Hell babe wah any good?

Is there any decent well known, all round, reliable guitar flying v guitar under £320.00
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Erm...no on the guitar front...not that I know of...Erm...don't get a flying v because they slip down ur knee when ur sitting down playing...yeah mon
Behringer is known for making cheap stuff, so I'm going to say no. As for the guitar, I think you can get some Jacksons and Epiphone V's in that range. The Jacksons might be nice, but I'm not to up on my European pricings, so I don't know what that will get ya.
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I've got a behringer EQ pedal and that's actually pretty good. I've also got a Ultra Metal distortion pedal, which is pretty crappy but so is the Boss MT-2 on which it's based on. the hell babe has some truly awful design decisions (like the spring, on-off switching, and frequency dial - so-called features that do more harm than good). it sucks because of those design decisions, not the cheapness. I'm willing to bet neither of you have tried one and are only bashing it because it's easy, but that's to be expected around here.
Here is my review of the Hellbabe in 'The Ultimate Exessories Thread':

Quote by tombo32
Name of Item:
Behringer Hell Babe Wah (HB01)

Who It Is Made By:

Optical sensor control
Boost switch
Range control knob
Spring back pedal mechanism (can be removed)
Boost control
Q control
Fine Tune control
Dual LED indicators

I have also read that it is a copy of the Dimebag signature Crybaby


Style of Music It Fits:
Rock, funk & blues mostly. Possibly for metal.

Why You Like It:
I dont. The construction isn't sturdy (the metal bar in the side comes out while I'm using it), I dont like the sound of it and it doesn't have very good sweep.
But I do like the optical sensor control and the spring back mechanism.


And I put a sound clip of it on Dmusic: http://tombo32.dmusic.com/
^The distorted part is with the 'Boost' mode on.
has it got any major faults?
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Digitech RP200A
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