which of the libs offspring of the libertines do you think are most worth talking about?
i personally think that there all brilliant in their own rights.
but i know certain people disagree and have something against them.
so feel free to state your view.

The Libertines - Most overhyped band pre-monkeys. They're bland, boring and nothing special. Few decent tunes but not exactly soul-setting on fire stuff. Doherty managed to successfully get into every tabloid....but without the band...

Babyshambles - Boring music, the lyrics are decent enough. Still overhyped by all the little Libertines wannabes.

Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang Your Dead is a good single, haven't heard anything else by them, but *shrug* not exactly desperate to.

Yeti - No idea.

Overall...er....like some of their stuff but feel like Doherty has essentially made it impossible to objectively like them.
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John Hassal's new band, check 'em out: http://www.yetiintelligence.com/
thanks for your views by the way i can see where your coming from.

Which one was John Hassal?

Hmmm, I downloaded Midnight Flight. No bad on a first listen. Dunno if I like the vocals though.
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Which one was John Hassal?

John was the bassist from the libertines.
now the main vocalist of Yeti, also plays some guitar.
never lose your sence of wonder, is the main song they have released.

i think dpt have alot of potential.
they are the most like the early libs stuff.
if that's the bit that you like, then they sound ace.

me too, but just think from 1 band there are 3 new ones.
not a bad deal really, not sure if any will have the same amount of success though.
DPT are going to be big. While quite possibly unable to beat the Libs partially because of the split fanbase and a lack of Pete McCrackhead Doherty. However, I like their stuff and it's definately more 'real' than any Libs song I've ever heard. I look forward to hearing what their next single was because XFM don't play 'Bang Bang...' enough.
Yeti have really started to grow on me recently. I'm usually not into that kind of vocal style. But John does have and excellent voice, and the melodies in their music are excellent.

I'll probably get their album when it comes out.

DPT=from what I've heard so far....boring

BS=There alright.
I think both Babyshambles and DPT's are great and you can really see which one of the libs who came up with the idea to their different songs. Gotta check out Yeti immedietly.
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The Libertines - Most overhyped band pre-monkeys. They're bland, boring and nothing special. Few decent tunes but not exactly soul-setting on fire stuff. .

The Libertines were brilliant and you are wrong.
but that could be mainly due to pete and carls relationship deteriating.
obviously it would have great if they had stayed together but that fact they have made 3 brilliant bands off the back of one is great.
I'm not really sure about DPT. Babyshambles have something about them, good songwriting and an interesting guitar style
i think dpt are simple compared too the rest.
very similar to early libs stuff.
maybe carl needs to experiment a bit.
Libertines- Have some good songs, but some aren't. They're pretty average.

Dirty Pretty things- Only Heard Bang, bang, you're dead, but I liked it.

Yeti- Never heard of them but I've just been on their myspace and what I heard I thought was good.
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