verse is kinda melodic and acoustic then the chourus picks up tempo and distortion. still need another verse though. any sugestions?

your're so conceited
you're money feeds it
you live your life in a world of lies
and i'm just nothing
without the money
to keep you happy in this life

cause, without you.. i feel new
..no more pressure
without you... i feel new
..no more tension

you're vain ambitions
this constant tension
how could i ever live this way?
it won't get better
this pain and anger
nothing you do will make me stay

with out you.. i feal new
..on the inside
with out you.. i feal new
..all around me
with out you.. i feal new.
..i am new
without you ...i feel new
I'm still working on another verse. i'm just not sure what direction i want to take with it.