ok guys, broke my d string on my esp ltd m100 fm. i know how to string a regular solid body guitar, so dont tell me how to wrap the string around the tuning peg or anything like that. can you tell me how to put a new d string on my floyd rose?

so far i know
unscrew the locking nut for the d
wrap string around peg
lock nut

sorry, i couldnt find the lesson about this. ive seen it before, though.

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howabout some precision metal, ladies and gentlemen?
steal this video i think did a lesson about that.
ok you take out the nut and put the tuners at the bottom to middle then take out the old string then go down and open the thing that holds the thing but dont take it out with the spring just lossen then feed the new ball side of the string into the saddle the red thing that holds the ball then lock it up. then go up top and wrap it around a peg then tighten lock nut and fine tune at bottom
good luck
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Look on the bridge where the string "disappears" into. Behind that spot should be an allen screw that moves the saddle back and forth. Turn the allen screw so that the saddle moves forward, allowing the string out.

The "D" string often has an unwound section on it so cut that off now. Cut off the ball end *and* the double-wrapped section that ties into the ball end and insert it into the saddle (only a small amount, less than 6mm). Tighten the allen screw to clamp the string in place.

Run the string up to the headstock, through the locking nut (only unlock the D and G string nut) and under the "tree". Most people go about two tuners past the tuner you're working on and cutting off the excess string. 50mm is plenty (maybe too much). Wind and tune like normal at this point. Obviously do NOT lock the locking nut down yet.

If your guitar was in tune good when the string broke *and* you put the same guage string back on, you shouldn't have much trouble re-tuning. The bridge will "float" back to the proper position as you tune the string back.
Check out the re-stringing video lesson here at UG, if you don't know anything bout the floyd, go to jfrocks.com and download the video lesson on Floyd Rose 101.
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lol peoples that try to help you are bit troublesome to read what they can help you with, but this is a important one for locking down the guitar (meaning to lock the locking nut so it keeps the string "on" you could say to keep it in tune like forever until it will break) before locking, you have to STRETCH the strings out....

Bend the new string as high as possible (but dont force it u might break it!) do some stupid licks which what i do, include lots lots of bends and hard ones too you notice the string goes out of tune, tune it again and repeat the bending. Until maybe after 5-10 minutes, i think it shouldnt go out of tune anymore lock it down and it suppose to be in tune for another decade until it breaks again.
m-100fm that has a licenced floyd rose. do you happen to have a pic of the bridge cos i think these are different to normal floyd roses
Its the same only that you have to put the strings in a different way. Your LFR should look almost the same as this,

Just loosen the (E) part, thats the string locker. You should see a broken string piece inside the string compartment if your string is broken at the bridge, remove it. Careful not to tilt your guitar upside down coz the small string locker stud may come out and it'll be a bit of a bugger to find.

Others are all basic, cut the ball ends, insert it into the string compartment, lock the string locker, bla bla yada yada.

Tuning Floyd Rose:
1) Loosen the locking nut
2) Set your fine tuners to middle position
3) Tune up your guitar to standard or whichever tunings u wish
4) If the floating bridge comes out (down-pull position), loosen the tunings and then tighten the springs in the tremolo cavity at the back, if the bridge sinks (up-pull position), then vice-versa
5) If you're happy with your tunings and your bridge is well centered, lock in the nut
6) Tune again only using the fine tuners

more info on tuning floyd roses - http://www.floydrose.com/originaltremolo.html
info on changing strings - http://ultimate-guitar.com/columns/features/steal_this_video_re-stringing_guitar.html
picture guide on how to perform the #4 step mentioned above - http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/floydrosetremolo.htm
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