ive been playing guitar for about 2 years i play metal and classic rock and little bit of punk and some blues.my set right now completely bites.i have an epiphone lp special 2 it came with an epi amp wich sucks and its falling apart.i did a new amp but dont know where to go ive looked and som randalls some peavys and a vox.my price range is $300-$600 i also need a new guitar and have considered a schecter damien with floyd or a epiphone explorer with some pup upgrades.sp plz recomemend me some desent gear.
hey, i started out with an epiphone les paul 100, which is just a step up from the special, but i never had an epiphone amp, i have a randall, it's pretty good, i like it, it handles all those pretty well, but mine kinda muddies the sound up a lil bit with overdrive and distortion on, it may just be my specific amp, but i've changed the pickups out on the lp and it still did it, may just be how distortion is, but schecters are awesome, i got a C-1 Elite in the amber finish, i like it alot, it can handle pretty much anything, just depends on your style, which sounds pretty close to what i play