hey guys

i need a new amp. im a little low on cash, so its gotta be under $150... any suggestions?


and jimmy page is awesome by the way
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Jimmy Page
Vox AD15VT, go used if you can't get a new one (possibly get the larger AD30VT in that case)

They also do a pretty decent zeppelin sound
I just order the Behringer GM110. $69 w/ 10" speaker, 30watts. A friend of mine bought one and he loves it. The ratings on Harmony-central.com for this amp are great.


Here is Musiciansfriend page on this amp.


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Good Luck!
DONT GET THE BEHRINGER! They're really bad. ive had mine for half a year and i hate it. The only pus is that its gonna live if you drop it down the stairs (that's what i did).

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Well if its that bad I will send it back. For the price I paid it is worth the gamble. In all honesty there are reviews like yours on Behringer. It seems that from what I've read, that these amps are hit or miss. You get a good one or a DUD. Hopefully if its a DUD, I will be able to tell within 45 days so that I can return it.

id say you save up 100 mkore bucks and buy a vox AD30VT
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If I only had $150 to spend on an amp I'd wait. However there are really just three half decent options, depending on your musical tastes.

Roland micro cube = metal
Vox AD15vt = classic/modern rock
Epi valve junior = cleans/blues (all tube too!)
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Go with either the Vox AD15VT or AD30VT. As everyone else has already pointed out, you may have to save a bit more for the AD30VT.
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