I was curious about how good they are before i go and try one out and if some one could recommend one to look at. just if you want to know if it will help i play classic rock like zeppelin. and im mainly just curious because i just saw them on musiciansfriends today.

The YCV80 or YCV40 are both pretty decent models, pretty nice clean channel and a nice crunch on the overdrive channel
I own a Traynor Reverb mate 40. A smaller model but it has a pretty good sound, if you want to go big go to Marshall's and such but this is the best before that next step.
I have the YCV40T 2x10 model, great amp for classic rock if that's what you mainly want it for, but it can do a lot of other styles, blues, and modern rock. You might want to get a pedal if you want higher gain though.
Hai UG!
traynor amps seem very good from all the postive reviews ive gotten from them on this thread i think i might have to check them out.