Hey, im looking for a guitar that i can shred on but i cant decide on these two guitars. If i get the ltd i'll probably put in duncans later. Just need your opinions.
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Doesn't the LTD come with duncans? Or are you looking at putting in different duncans? For shred I would say get the RG. Im sure the LTD would be great for shred also, but it is more of a metal oriented guitar. Oh and when you say a guitar you can shred on... you need to be able to shred first. Then you can shred on any guitar.
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for metal id say the LTD for Shred i would Say the Ibanez
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the ibanez rg1570

i personally like ibanez better...
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and also wtf? Ibanez and ESP are like brothers yo, they are born almost at the same time, used by many rock-shred people. So i think they are equal. Except mabe the LTD since they are korean made where the Ibanez high ends or rg1570 is japanese for low cost. And i have a feeling that u cant get a ibanez japanese made in the future since i heard they all moving their products into korea so.... "Made in Korea" .

I'd honestly go for a M1000 for this one. It's a little cheaper then the 1570 but it does have better pickups and a neck thru construction and better looks.

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It's close.

But I'll say Ibanez, since even though the M1000 is incredible, the RG1570 is more versatile (HSH), has an AANJ, so the upper fret access isn't limited like on other boltnecks, and I just don't care for EMGs in alder.
ibanez, definatly, dont like the other one. dont look that good
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in this case i would say rg1570 the only real great models that esp have are all the japanese custom shop and most of the standard series
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in this case i would say rg1570 the only real great models that esp have are all the japanese custom shop and most of the standard series

yah pretty much. The AANJ is pretty much just and somewhat to me feels like a necktrhough but hey i dont really care about neck-trhough and bolt on since im comfortable with all of them.

Go for RG1570, i have it too its amazing guitar.
eh i find that bolt on does get in a way most of the times but im usually found playing either set neck or neck thru guitars