So as I have stated in previous posts, my band if going through a rocky mountain. Our previous drummer quit onstage the night of our CD release and we are in the market for a new drummer, auditions have begun and there is already controversy (this word seems to be really popular when talking about my band)

1st guy to audition "Doug"- this guy has his life together, he's around my age (21-22), Drivers license, good job, decent equipment, etc. I gave him our demo and he had a week to practice, he showed up and we started jamming and I was disappointed. I was close to asking "Did you just listen to the CD on the way here? .. however when we showed him a song that wasn't on the CD he did fine. He later admitted to me that he's only been playing for 2 years and hasn't played with other musicians that much.

2nd guy to audition "Curt"- this guy is a mess. I played with him for years in HS and he was an original member of the band as a guitarist before getting fired. He now wants to come back as a drummer. He auditioned last night and I refused to be there saying "It's not worth the gas to drive there". This guy is my age, has no driver's license, a drum set from Wal-Mart, the maturity level of a 12 year old boy, etc. However, the singer told me he did better than Doug, which I don't doubt because I played with Curt for many years and know his ability (decent, but overplays.)

We have 2 gigs this month and have decided each of them will play a different gig. The singer told me he's voting towards Doug and the bassist was with me and didn't even want to audition Curt. I'm unsure on where the gutiar players stand. However I told the singer I want to keep auditioning people. Here's the problem:

We have a deadline coming up VERY soon for a music conference in our area in which we need photos done. one of our guitarist dad is a semi-pro photographer so we can have that for free but need to pay for prints. Should we go ahead and have the photo shoot with just the 5 members or hire 1 of the drummers (or a model) just for the shoot? BTW, this is important because I need to list the members of the band and it may look funny without "drummer" on there. Also our CD has a 6 figures on it to represent us and the pics would only have 5.

What should I do?
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