Hello. I currently own an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard and thinking of changing the pups in it, More than likely only being the Rythm pickup. Treble is pretty nice. I am looking for a good Classic Rock/Blues sorta sound. Something like GnR, Zepp, Lynyrd Skynyrd for the rock side and on blues something i can get by with Hendrix and SRV sorta tone out of. Looking for a nice Fat, Thick sound but still has a sorta trebel edge to it. Thanks for all suggestions.
Not sure if this i will help but i am using a Peavey XXX 40/efx. Could this be why I'm not satisfied with the tones i'm getting? Any suggestions on tube amp that would give me some good tones?
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Marhsall JCM800. For pickups. try Swineshead Condor/ Ruanway combo.
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id get a nice alnico 2 pro humbucker set, and since u want to get some stratty sounds out of it, maybe u should try to get a coil tap on ur guitar