This is Im Alright by neil zaza, its the first time im posting something here. I just recorded this through a microfon between my amp and the cd player and
the playing is pretty sloppy, its more a try if u think the recording is ok and i can post more, or if i should go for some ( more expensive ) better recording equipment
(pls dont bash me too hard for the playin btw, i know its far from perfect )

heres the link : http://rapidshare.de/files/20308478/Im_Alright.mp3.html
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Man, i click the link and i get sent to rapid share or some **** like that.
yes its uploaded on rapidshare, just download it from there its not too hard ...
1 take off chorus, it ruins the whole vibe of the song, 2 your bends are off, you missed out the sweep part completely, you hit bum notes all over the song, legato shredding is off, good apart from all that 3/10
one crit wow well, i said its pretty sloppy and i havent been working on the long sweep part yet . well maybe its just my ears, but i dont think all bends are off ? anyways what i really wanted to know if the recording quality is acceptable and i can post other songs aswell, or is it too crap ? but thx for posting
Neil Zaza is my favourite guitarist . And you covered his song quite well..It wasn't to bad. But it wasn't great.

Do it again. But take a lot of time working through it (by this i mean practice the song lots and work on the areas that you ****ed up.).