I vant to convert my song from a .wav to an .mp3

How do you convert it?

thank you. :
ya know i wanted to know the same thing, and it was easier than i thought it would be. When you save your file go to the bottom to were it says save file as and it will give you some choices. Click on the arrow go to mp3 and your done
I am using the sound recorder from windows and this little Digital audio recorder I bought at walmart lol. it won't save it as mp3. just .wav

now i just need to convert the file to .mp3 somehow

EDIT: I got it onto itunes and it works on there

EDIT: now i also got it to MPEG-4
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You can get some converters from the internet, just search it. You have to buy the software, but I just use the trial version of about 20 different things.