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ok I kinda have a problem...

i have to play the song My Girl by The Temptations with my school band for a concert, and i learned the song perfect, but i just can't seem to get the right "pow" kinda sound for the little scales in the song. it just sounds either clean, or distorted.

I would really apreciate if somebody could tell me what amp they used and what kind of equalizatrion they had, and how much distortion to use, because i have an Rp80 that can stimulate a whole bunch of amps and effects.

My Girl by The Temptations

i would really be greatful!

please look below for the link to a sound clip of the song
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any clean sound with alot of reverb and presence should do. it should give you that poppy sound with alot of pow like you want. i'd say pump the bass up alot for it to.
Try the ultimate settings thread.
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Im not quite familar with the band or song but i think i know what tone your looking for.

You want a good bit of reverb and low eq settings. Like bass 5 mid 2 treble 5.
but what kind of reverb? My pedal has like 10 different settings, like arena, church, room, hall... etc. each with settings 1 to 9, 9 being the most intense

ok im gonna include a link to a clip of the song,

after you click on that, play the demo version

it starts with bass, but then it goes into a couple of scales, i cant get the right sound!

it sounds clean, but it has a PoW-pa-para-para-PoW (lol) sound

how do i get that sound?
Just make sure your volume is loud enough so people can hear it.
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thats a lot of help thanks!! i was gonna play without the amp at all!

Usually when you're begging people for help, being a sarcastic ass to people who give you advice isn't going to get you anywhere.
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Figure it out yourself. We cant do it for you, we can only suggest. Stop being so picky, nobodys going to say ''He was a good player..BUT THAT TONE WASNT POPPY!!''
if you are playing a solid state amp you are not going to get a poppy sound.

that popping is called picking dynamics...and only a tube amp is gonna give you that.
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Raise the threshold on the compression usually gives your clean sound a slight pop when you strum.

What's your amp?

If you're in doubt as to whether or not you have a tube amp or solid state amp, you probably have a solid state amp.
It'll have tubes somewhere in the rear cavity.

They look like more cylindrical clear lightbulbs kinda.
I've never encountered a tube amp with a covered rear cavity...

I may be wrong, though. But seriously, if you're having this much trouble trying to figure out if you have a tube amp, you probably have a solid state.
not a gig with my band like bass and drums...
a special thing with a whole middle school band, like 30 people
lol i know nobody cares. but the guitar in the song sounds sooo goood and poppy.

even after the concert, i would still use that setting a lot because it sounds awsome
but is there a way to tell without dissasmeblin the amp?

i think when i bought it, it said on the box something like this: "warm bottom end tube power" but i dont know

so is there a way?
Your 10 watt crate amp is not a tube amp. If it is a tube amp it will have tubes in clear view in the back cavity or some sort of grill through which a great deal of heat will be coming.

Here is a picture of what tubes look like.
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its a 10w crate amp

It's a solid state. No doubt.

This is probably why you can't get a decent tone. You're using a practice amp.

edit -- That "warm bottom end tube power" is just a marketing ploy.
noooooooooooooooooooooooo all hope is lost

but wait

whats the smallest sizes tube amps come in? and how expensive are they?
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