Okay I don't know if this has been answered before..but what they hey

I don't know much about amps, but I think im gonna go for a tube amp next. I hear people talking about changing their tubes, but I was just wondering how often do the tubes in an amp need to be changed, or is it only when you damage them or something?
preamp tubes last about 5 years if you treat it all good, power tubes have a very variable life span depending how theyre biased, how theyre ran and if theyre beaten up or not. or you could treat it perfectly and still have to replace them in the same amount of time
I think generally it's 1-2 years for the poweramp tubes and 3-4 years for the preamp tubes

Then again, some people will replace them more often and some wont have to replace them that much. But remember tubes can blow, and that would require a change.
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Over time does the sound gradually deteriorrate in a noticeable way, or will you basically not notice any different in sound until you need to change them?
you really wouldnt know until one blew.
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