Today I was playing the whole palm muted power chord part of Fade to Black by Metallica (With my amp model at numetal with scooped mids) and I thought to myslef why not have even more crunch behind the vicious palm mutes of metallica?

So my question is what are some good pedals to give that extra crunch, I'm not planing on getting a new amp until I can afford a Dual Rectifier so amp is out of the question. I was looking at the BBE sonic stomp and all the reviews said nothing but great things...any ideas?

I want my crunch to be the epitomey of kickassage
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Boss Metalzone or a Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
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Metallica used mids, brother. I think their amp settings were at like (numbers, low-mid-hi) 7-8-8 or 9-6-6.

And what guitar are you using, what position, pick-ups. et cetera.
they used scooped mids...just tellin ya

I am using a Jackson DKMG (EMG 81/85) in the bridge position with tone and volume at 10
Vox AD50VT at Numetal setting, that has plenty of crunch

Amp Settings:

and I mean a pedal that makes my sound crunchier, I already have distortion through my amp
The Metal Muff should get the crunch you need. Plus there is really no pedal that gets crunch, you need to have a crunchy distortion.
'11 Gibson LP Jr.
'07 Gretsch 5120
'69 Tele
'10 Godin 5th Ave. Kingpin
'03 Blueridge Dreadnought
'02 Custom Martin D-28
Premier Twin-8
Fender Hot Rod Dlx
Boss SD-1
what about the BBE pedals, all i hear is good stuff about them...

But if there is one pedal you get recommend me for that Fade to Black crunch it would be...
Aside from an EQ there isn't. I had an AD50VT and couldn't get a decent metal tone out of it that suited my needs, needless to say I got rid of it. The BBE is a sonic maximizer, it boosts highs and bass; cleaning up mud and adding low end. It won't give you any more crunch, you'll just have more clarity. If you want that crunch you'll want a cranked 2203, perhaps boosted with an OD (old school 'Tallica tone). I don't really know what will give you more "crunch", change the amp model to Brit High Gain, and add some more mids?
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still what pedal has more crunch or would be more suited for Metallica... (No Life 'Till Leather - The Black Album)

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff
BOSS Metal Zone
dis might seem stupid and i think this the only little thing i like about mg marshalls. It gives about 20% of the old school Metallica sound of Killem all and of course my fav and your fav (threadstarter) Fade to black. My distortion pedal boosts my stuff up already and the marshall makes that little 20%, the 20% sound of tallica's old stuff. not much really.....just a estimated it....
For crunch, MXR distortion+ has so much crunch it'll make u crazy.
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try to get your hands on an x - v amp from behringer, about 40 quid and its got a class dual rectifier model on there, was playing a bit of leper messiah and mop before, sounded class
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