Sounds pretty good. You might want to consider using some compressor on the clean guitar.
You should fix that gutar rhythm. The vocals are quite nice.The solo's pretty crappy. The bends are off, timing is off. Practice it a bit more.

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i dont know personally i didnt like the vocals to much, i mean they sound good billions times ten to the billionth power better than i can do, but for some reason i didnt like them, but the guitar is quite nice the tone on the solos are nice but for the verses not really a big fan of that tone but the playing is great. nice job.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
The vocals were good, the guitar tone was alright, the solo was awful, everything seemed off rythem when it all came in but got back toghter soon after
Pretty good
Thin Lizzy
IMO i didnt like it but im sure others would, the solo was a bit sloopy and i found the vocals annoying.
You slowed the drum beat down for the solo quite a bit.
The vocals are OK, probably just not your type of song to sing.