Hey guys. I have a question. I've recently bought a gibson classic as my first serious guitar, and i reckon it will last out my entire life as my main guitar unless its broken.

However, i'll prob be getting a second guitar in a couple of years, and then the choice would rest on a PRS custom atm because i love the sound of them nearly as much as the les pauls, although inm a different way of course.

Anyway, i'd appreciate it if you guys could give me an estimate of how much i'd have to pay for a PRS custom 24 nowadays? The lowest possible price icould get without any bonus stuff, knowing the seller or crap like that.

This is for US citizens only btw. And the reason im not just looking up some page is that almost none show the price. They just say "email for price".. bugs me out.. anyways

Appreciate it

I have seen them anywhere from $1,800 to $2,400.
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Around ^, yeah. THey really vary though, since it's hard to guage what other dealers sell them for. Just email as many as you can, and see what's out there.
okay thanks man. whew, thats cheap. They charge 3,500 for em over here... And its only 10 % customs, so i might get one for 1,980 in time then Thanks mate.
guitar center sells them for about 1500- 2000
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Depends on the options. With a Ten top and birds, you're looking at just about $2999, without options, you can probably get one for just about $2000, I've never seen a new Custom 24 under that. I'd recommend ebay though, they usually go for a lot cheaper, and there's usually more of a selection (odd isn't it) than at GC or what not.
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Oh, ok. I dont care about the birds, they can go to hell they just look too flashy for my taste. As to the ten top... Its preferred, but not required. Depends how much more it costs. Im more into the sound than the looks to be frank
Dude, you said in another thread that you've been learning how to play for six months and just bought a $2500 Les Paul and now are inquiring about a PRS Custom?

You are either full of BS or you should consider getting your head examined. I can't beleive that a novice who bought a $2500 Les Paul is looking at other guitars so quickly. Most people who have been playing for decades can't get their hands on a $2500 Les Paul.

Please post a pic or two of the Les Paul.
As i said in the other thread, its not arriving until tuesday^^ And anyways, my camera was stolen on my last travel, and the insurance company ****ed up... Yeah, i said in a couple of years, didn't i?

And seriously, anyone who can't afford a gibson mid range after even just one decade of playing, are too lazy to deserve that guitar. I ****ing put my heart and soul into that job to be able to afford, so go **** yourself.

I don't need to validate myself in your eyes anyway. And if you bothered reading my post, you'd see that i said i wanted a new one in a couple of years as a ****ing back up...
lol dude if you will quit guitar. how about sellin' it to me I bet you until july my j-custom ibanez will pwn your guitar! Not only that, but also skill.

btw i would love to see that gibson in a pic tho? pls do put some pics up.......

Hm..., wow so your one of the big neck people lovers (i love all types of necks actually so noting about those mahogany necks :P). PRS... hmm...., i have played one custom 24 over here, to be honest that neck was like fatter than 50s neck on a gibson standard if i remember correctly. So i dunno about you since i dunno how to tall you are etc.

Have fun with the les paul and play guitar 5 hours a day weekends 10 hours. Like me!
My CU 22's cost me $2000(an '01 model) in '02 I think? My newest guitar cost is a 20th ann. CU22 and it was $1600!! Dude... I could not pass up a dark cherry quilt top 20th ann. for that... come on.
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