If you've got one, post your sound. It's that simple. This isn't a gambit to steal your sounds, its just that there isn't any interaction over the possibilities of this amp. I'll start.

Model: Numetal
T: 6
M: 7
B: 10
Effect: Delay (Chorus/delay, if you like)
That's in general. This amp has amp models. I looked at that thread, and it doesn't give amp models.

Fair point, though. But yeah, I'm borderline-literate.
My sweet feedbackish rock settings

Tweed 4x10
Bass 12 o clock
Middle 4 o clock
Treble 2 o clock
Volumes both max
slight reverb

Guyatone the Fuzz pedal for buzzsaw distortion
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boutique OD, treble: 4 o clock, mid: 9 o clock, bass: 10 o clock, gain: all they way up.

thats a punchy OD sound and put a overdrive/dist as a boost and its AWESOME, i use a danelectro fab dist.
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