I been wondering my grand father has a heritage riff guitar semi hollow, i practice over there with him alot and his tone of his guitar is just amazing. it is bold smooth. then i play my epiphone les paul and it sounds really bad (out of the same amp) are semi hollows going to be much bolder of a sound or is there something wrong with my lp.
it might have more to do with your playing, playing style has a ton to do with it, i think solid bodies sound more "bold" than semi hollows, but thats just my opinion.

why dont you try playing through both his guitar AND amp and see if it sounds the same? of course your les paul wont sound anywhere near it, theyre different guitars, but if its sounds bad that could very well be strings, pick, pickups, damn near anything.

of course, he might have really good pickups too, or thats just a great guitar, but i dont think epi's sound bad (as long as you dont get a crappy one, they do seem to have pretty bad quality control). if it still bothers you, see how he sounds through your amp and if its still that much better, try upgrading your pickups, its not going to make a ton of difference, but it will definately help.
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You've broken a low E string??? What style do you play, guitar raping noise core?