Ok, ive been listening to the iron maiden songs like "Number of the beast" and "Run to the Hills" and I have been working on playing their verses. The thing I have trouble with is that strumming then muting the stumming. If you know what i'm talking about, can you give me some tips to go about doing that? Much appreciated!
its either quick palm muting or more likely, easing your grip with your fretting hand to make those fingers mute the strings. i dont know the songs
You mean strumming then raking? Raking is marked with x's on the strings to be muted and strummed at the same time.

If you do, my advice is to just take it slowly and work your way up. This is cliched advice, but trust me. I had the same problem.

yes when playing muted notes, its best to play it slower and build it up fast
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Kk ty, its just everytime i try to strum that stuff, it seems forced and choppy