Ok, my band and I got into a fight and the drummer walked out on us. So, we are stuck with just 2 guitars, a bassist, and vocals. Our school only has guitarists and 2 drummers. One being ours, the other is in a band.

So I was thinking, should I try to get this kid back in our band or take someone interested and train them from scratch? My bassist's dad knows how to play them. So what do you guys think, Train one or get the old one back?
Look outside your school. And don't tick off drummers. They're hard to come by. But you probably already figgered that out. :-)
Lol true. To tell you the truth, I live in a hick down where everyone thinks country owns. Posting auditions would just make it worse. Rock/Metal band btw
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lmao psykopoo ur a bloody genius!
Lmao, i dont think a drum machine is what we are looking for, but still your a bloody genius!
It's easy enough to learn to play a beat - most people with no musical experience have problems keeping that beat though. If anything try and pick someone that all your band likes, who's interested in learning drums and just give him all the support you can.