Allright I just got back from guitar center and I bought my cab. It is a Marshall 1960A 412.
Now did I make the right choice on buying this cab-over the the B-52 At-412- for my 5150 II?

....Also the guy knocked off 100 dollars on it. So I got if for $550.00
Well I'd hope its got the v30s that everyone loves or you'll get reamed a new asshole for having anything else. I personally don't mind the others.. BUT

Yeah, not too bad. I'd take the marshall over the B-52
Sadly it does not have v30s. The one that did have them was just way too expensive...I barely had enough money for the one I just got...
But from what I was hearing, a marshall cab would be much better for my 5150 II, then the B-52....right?
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Well, at least IMO yeah.

Why didn't you take your 5150 in and try them both out?

Well I dont get my head untill the 16th, so....
I just want to make sure before I open the box, that I didnt make a mistake on buying the marshall. the B-52 wouldnt be as good as the Marshall 1960A would it?
the 1960 is a great cabinet, its just as good as the 1960AV, its just speaker preference, they sound different. the reagular celestions sound tighter IMO
So its settled? The Marshall cab is much better then the B-52....Although Its not completely the best...But overall the Marshall 1960A is a very good cab. And I shouldnt have to worry about taking it back, correct?
I just want to know before I take It out of the box; that Ive made a good choice. I dont want to worry about taking it back....So can I get some confirmation?
First of all, stop double posting.

Next, marshall cabs are good. Though I do prefer V30's (sorry genocide), the GT's in the marshall are also good speakers. They will really emphasize scooped mids if that's what you're after.

What speakers does the B-52 have? In general, you definitely made the right decision!
Nah, Ibanez, I understand what you're saying.

AFAIK, the scheffield 1200s(in a 5150 cab) are similar to the GT12 75s with the little bit of scoop. They're a bit more gritty, but the extra low-mids is really great for rhythm work without the extra EQing.

I like the v30s, too. I have four sitting in my basement right now waiting to be loaded into cabs I'm making
Its says that the B-52 Speakers are "Custom B-52 Speakers" so...
Yeah I guess I feel like I made the right choice with this cab, and It should last me for a while untill I get enough money for an even better cab.
Well, at that rate your cab is already top notch, all you can really change is the dimensions or speaker preference, which is totally up to you. the 1960 cabs are world class, they arent cheezy/cheap/knockoff cabs. You can't really 'upgrade' from there, just using different speakers, combinations, etc.
Good cab, better than B-52s. G12T75s are a pretty good match for a 5150 anyways. They prevent it from getting honky as you raise the mids.
i'd say they'll work pretty well...and you got it for a good price. you can't hardly get them off of ebay for under $400 used. and thats before the $80 shipping.
this is a little off topic but why do marshall cabs have 12t-75s (which emphasize scooped mids) when marshall amps are famous for thei midrange crunch?
Might be to tame it from being too honky, but some Marshall cabs also have V30s, and Greenbacks, G12T-60's, etc.

But G12T75s do sound pretty good with Marshalls.
Marshall 1960's are like the catch all cab. I would've definitely gotten it over the B-52 for my personal tastes. They're versatile and I've yet to really hear one sound "bad" persay.
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Yeah, you can tell when guys use marshalls and v30s. You get that infamous 80s hair 'squawk' when you start soloing.

You can't really say the GT12-75s are bad, I really think its nice that marshall has a counterpart for their v30 loaded cabs, it gives a balance and hell, balance is good especially to achieve a listenable tone.