ok... your all gonna love this.

im a guitarist. i have a friend, who is a aspiring singer... he used to sing in the old incarnation of our band, but i have not heard him sing since. he was good when he did. but now its just me and him. we lost a guitarist, bassist, and a drummer... but that was last year.

as of a month or 2 ago, we had another guitarist (who was originally a drummer, but he gave up on that). the reason he isnt in the band anymore is because he has a habit of only wanting to work only inbetween girlfriends. me and the singer gave him the boot (cause now hes going out with the singers sister... OUCH! call jerry springer!)

the three of us have been friends for 8 years almost... best friends. but the guitarist has been doing this kinda stuff to us in recent years. we love him, so we cant kill him. like brothers in a way, but not really. we kicked him out, it sucks. now im the only guitarist. if i cant work with him, i dont wanna work with any other guitarist. they ARE ALL EGO MANIACS! you know what i mean... they alllll think they are lead... i learned that with the last guy we had.

now i have a bass player who never comes out... excuses excuses... but good ones. i feel bad for him. hes a biiig music theory guy, so hes an asset to me. like a retard that can solve long division. i know some theory stuff, but he knows more... i kinda need him but hes giving me the same problem as my guitarist. but the bass player's excuses are better, so its a tough choice... ive been waiting for way too long. me and this guy recorded a song (on an mp3 player)... it was a joke on some retarded guy at school, my guitar teacher said we were genius'. but that wasnt a real song and that was in... december... im bored... i want to get this thing going and i want to make music and all that good stuff, but its hard to do with a guitarist and a singer (who knows nothing about theory. i explain something to him, and rather then try to get it he says, "i dont get it" and gives up)

so there is 3... guitar, vocal, and maybe bass...maybe.

who should get the boot? the singer wants to do this as bad as i do, but he dont wanna learn... the bass player knows more then me, but he cant find time for this band...

what should i do people?
drop em all

if their truly your friends they will accept that you cant make music w/ them
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On a serious note,....

ok... your all gonna love this.

No, I really didn't...
Did somebody chop your fingers off at the knuckle?

Then it's not that bad.

Either you sit everybody down, find out that you all want to make the best band you can...

Or forget those egomaniacs and go out and form an even better, even more egomaniacal band.
sit them all down... hard to do if they cant even be in the same room...

and if it didnt work before with my last band (if you wanna call it a "band." we played "smells like teen spirit" twice in 2 months... and it SUCKED)

everyone just nods thier empty and and says, "i know, i know..." but they dont
i should start pimp-slappin' people... talking doesnt work... with the guitarist we just dropped, i slammed his face into a chair before the crap-tastic band got started... we stoped talking while that band was failing. it took him a little while, but he appretiated what i did for him. he said that he realized i was right almost as soon as i left him bleeding at the mouth... he thanked me after a while. but now he dont do ****... maybe i should deck him in the mouth again... among others... hell, they all got it coming.
Our band recently broke up after we lost our drummer. He quit, and we couldn't find a replacement. That wouldn't have been as hard of a problem to fix, but I went seperate ways with two of the band members.

I was moving about an hour away to go to college for music, and I wouldn't have time to train the new drummer by driving an hour every practice day and an hour back. Not to mention almost all musicians are slackers, so half the time, it wouldn't accomplish anything.

So, I quit. I'm still with one of the players, but the other two are doing other projects now. Me and the keyboard player (the one I'm with) are learning theory (he already knows a lot), while the other guys aren't. A lot of it is because of money, but still, I couldn't do it. In two days, my old singer is going on tour with another band as a back-up vocalist.

What I'm getting at with this is... you should decide what you want. Do you want to learn about keys, modes, scales, etc. and have you're singer be able to do that too? Or do you wanna just rock out and see what comes out. Many vocalists don't always sing in key and are successful with their raw voice... Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Atlanis Morrisete, and my keyboard player says Tool, but we agree to disagree (I think he's in key for most of it).

Even my old singer is going on tour without any theory training. Decide what route you want to go, because ambition will only get you a certain distance, but it's very necessary too. Good luck
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i like that. i think maynard is in key, both of his bands kick ass (gonna try and cover "judith" with one guitar, cross your fingers. also had an idea to cover "sappy" by nirvana)... and yes, your right... kind of

i wanna rock, but i want to be knowledgable of what i am doing. im doing scales, i know chords, im doing the theory thing. but i want to be in a heavy-ish metal-kinda band...(thats how i classify tool)
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sit them all down... hard to do if they cant even be in the same room...

and if it didnt work before with my last band (if you wanna call it a "band." we played "smells like teen spirit" twice in 2 months... and it SUCKED)

everyone just nods thier empty and and says, "i know, i know..." but they dont

If they don't want to sit down and talk, then don't make them.

But don't expect your band to magically become a band without any effort to bring it together.
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it was a joke on some retarded guy at school

You're an a-hole.

Screw you.

Oh, and about the band, just get over it. Look for someone else.
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