Hey guys I want 2 get a new guitar, but not now, so i wanted ur opinions on the
SZ S2170W Prestige guitar, and gv me some off the good Ibanez RG Prestige Models, I would prefer a floyd rose.
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First of all, I prefer the RG over the SZ. The pickups are more versatile, and get a much tighter, punchier sound. For me it's an obvious choice. Ibanez RG 1570 or 2570.
If you want a floyd, it's pretty easy.....
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I haven't tried the SZ prestige, but if the 720 is any indication of what to expect, then the choice between an RG prestige and an SZ prestige should balance pretty much entirely on your personal preference. And stock SZ pickups rape stock RG pickups.
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Hey wts sup dude. The most significant difference in the RG Prestige vs. the SZ Prestige are

- Obviously the bridge
- The neck, RG Prestige is much more thinner, 19mm 1st fret and 21mm 12th fret whereas the SZ Prestige have 21mm 1st fret and 23mm 12th fret.
- The SZ is neck thru, only RGT-Prestige are neck thru OR Japan made RG Extreme Edition
- SZ Prestige have Large frets and RG-Prestige have Jumbos on em

Dont get me wrong though, thicker neck doesnt mean that you will play slow on em. Take Marty Friedman for example. He have the same SZ Prestige neck used on his guitar and he still plays as fast and as melodic as ever.
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Are you sure you don't mean the S series and not SZ? Because the S series, like the S470 actually has a ZR (zero-resistance) trem that is basically the same as a Floyd Rose (some say it's better).
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Ok reading that again, i think he doesnt mean the SZ Prestige, he meant the S Prestige model which is the S2170FW which is very similar to normal RG Prestige line. The only difference are the tremolo system and the paintjob. Relatively, the S2170 will be more expensive since it has custom paint and DiMarzio made IBZ pickup, still crap and needs change. So IMO ur better off with an RG1570.

And i doubt that you will get it in Malaysia, there's this word again, "order". Bentleymusic only supplies RG2550EX, RG2570EX, RG2620QM for the prestige line and its waaay too expensive for you, unless ur dad is kind enough to give you couple of thousands...
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
RG prestiges FTW they are awesome guitars
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