I had no idea where to post this, since there was no category in Bands and Artists forum, so I was wondering, what are some well known spanish guitarists that have albums I could get.
specify what genre of music you have in mind, as well as what you mean exactly by "spanish guitarists" otherwise people are going to assume you mean guitarists from Spain (Carlos Santana is from Mexico and Esteban is from Pennsylvania). But if you mean classical or flamenco (two very different styles by the way) then I would recommend music by:

Paco de Lucia
Fernando Sor
Gaspar Sanz
Andres Segovia
Isaac Albeniz (who was really a piano guy, but has great transcriptions for guitar)
Ferdinando Carulli
Leo Brouwer
Fransisco Tarrega
Manuel Barrueco
Chris Parkening
Pepe Romero
and yeah even Esteban, as well as countless others that I can't think of off hand
Yeah I meant guitarists who use acoustic and use the spanish scales. My parents recommended segovia but I thought he played classical music?