what pedal has more crunch or would be more suited for Metallica...
(No Life 'Till Leather - The Black Album)

I wanted the crunch in the muted power chords of Fade to Black

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff


BOSS Metal Zone


MXR Distortion


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no one would answer me in my last thread so I thought I would make a new one for just the pedals


any suggestions
I use a Metal Zone, it has like alot of settings, it's kinda pricy, but it's worth it, But I've never used the others so I'm not 100% sure, but with the Metal Zone you can get pretty much any rock tone you want with it's built in "Mini-Equalizer"
i like the mxr distortion plus ive played it with a dsl100 and a rhoads rr5 it sounded great but it coulda been from the superlead who knows go with what sounds best too u
thats the hard part, would a GC have all 3?

(My closest Guitar Cener is an hour away)
ik they theyd have metal zone probly mxr too idk about the muff try a line 6 uber metal and digitech metal zone if they dont have the muff
that was kind of funny actually..

the numetal amp model (as retarded as it sounds) gives the most crunch and when i have my amp settings set for Metallica it plays like a dream, but I'm asking If i were playing ona Clean Channel, what would give me the heaviest Crunchiest distortion possible
MXR would get you there, but the Metal Zone would also and then more. The settings on the MT2 will get you more versatility than MXR.
try them both thats all i can really tell u i favor mxr more.but just try em and gc with your amp if they have it and the guitar u have and if u like one of em buy.mxr is not as tought on the wallet but they both are decent
take it easy rhoads, I will try all of them...you obviously have a thing for MXR, thats not bad or anything, just sayin
i dont really like gc cuz i can go to house of guitars in my hometown rochester new york and they r way cheaper than gc go somewhere else cuz u could probly get it used just as good for cheaper