Thanks To You @ http://drummondo.dmusic.com

I wrote this song with my little brother earlier tonight. He came to me with the lyrics and I put them to music.

It's only a rough recording because we only got it together at 1:30am and my mum was in bed so I had to record everything really, really quietly. I basically recorded it just so we wouldn't forget it, but I think it sounds alright to give you guys a listen.

Check it out, let me know what you think of it as a song.

Cheers guys.

Thanks To You @ http://drummondo.dmusic.com
my only comments are technical.

the vocals are too loud and have too much low end. makes them sound artificial to my ears. aprt from that i think the song is good, even if it's not my kind of thing. i'm personally not a fan of the rambling lyrics like that.
Oh hey this is cool... I checked your other songs out and they were impressive... keep up the work!
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Great vocal.. right on spot.. guitar is also good.. so no complains from here.. 9/10
i really like it, i'd be very interested to hear it again once you've recorded it properly. nice one mike

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Absoultely awesome. I've critted mainly in chat so yeah, get it recorded again.
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Personally, I really liked it..... although the vocals are too loud in some places and then too quiet in one short portion.

Why did you convert it to only 96kbps? You should re-record this. Add some little extras to it and it would easily make song of the week.
well it was kinda hard of hard for me to hear
but that's not ur fault
you got a great low tone to ur voice, like johnny cash but not quite, the playing was nice and pleases my ears
great job on this song

crit back?
sweet. I really liked it acoustic. Nice lyrics.
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it doesnt show up. its just a loup BIZAP! and thats it.

When I first saw this comment I thought "Psh, it works for me", and moved on, but it turns out that the LoFi stream doesn't work for some reason.

So if you are having trouble listening to it, either stream it on HiFi or download the track.

Cheers for all the comments so far guys