Ok I've had the same guitar for over 3 years now and I think it's time i stepped it up
One of the things that I hate about it is the neck joint area.. sorry if this is a stupid question , but is that damn boxy part of the body that sticks out under the neck that obtrusive on all guitars? Is it even a normal thing? I have to wrap my hand around it to get up high so i cant play jack up there. And the cutaway limits how far my hand can actually go, so ive got to stick my hand arond the box, next to the cutaway and stretch my fingers up to 22nd fret, effectively cutting off my ability to play basically anything up there One of my friend's SGs is not much better, so i'm askin if there is a certain kind of make i should be looking for to get completely free and unblocked access up high? Maybe his is just a crappy model, I dunno.

If i can find an SG that can let me do that (i've heard things about their neck access but i dunno now), i might buy one since i'm really into AC/DC and that stuff. but how versatile is an SG? I also really love The Doors, Zeppelin, Metallica, Grateful Dead, etc, and don't have much trouble playing most of that stuff. Can an SG provide all those tones I need, the crunch, the big sounding powerchords, the clean trippy solos, the crisp notes If not what other guitar should I look for? Or atleast what pickups would be great for this, since I geuss pickups are a very determining factor in tone.

I could probably afford up to 1500$US on it or around there.. so ya I think thats all
With $1,500 you should be looking more along the lines of custom shop. Or $500 on guitar, $1000 on your amp, unless you are satisfied with your amp.

And ultimately, an SG combined with an overdriven Marshall tube amp should be sufficient for all of the bands you are into.
You oughta look at the Ibanez RGT Prestige Series and anything Ibanez made after 1995 i think, they no longer use the metal box as a neck joint. For example the-now Prestige and RG series no longer use the metal-box shape as a secure to the neck.

RGT Prestige Countour Cut (RGT320Q, RGT220A, RGT220A)

1995 onwards RG Prestige or RG Series

Also, the custom RG-Extreme Edition, they have 2 models which are neck thru. The RGT6EX and RGT6EXFX. The RGT6EX have Edge Pro II bridge, which suck but i think in this case its an exceptional, since its Japan made and its a Prestige model. The RGT6EXFX have fixed instead. Both are equipped with stock EMG Original pup.
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