this is a little song i wrote for your grandma, BITCH.

you're a fat ass, BITCH
you can't seem to find your niche
in society
you're a fat ass, BITCH
go F U C K a dog.

i thought it was deep, BITCH.
Corey Taylor would pay mad cash for those lines in a heartbeat.
"I've been playing for more than 30 years, and I still find new sounds. It still amazes me."
- Don Ross
A song about my grandma ****ing a dog? What is this, one of your fantisys?

Oh, that's reported by the way.
Jimmy3, thank you for a night of drunken entertainment. Meaning Im kinda drunk on a Friday night with nothing better to do than what you piss people off and add rediculous comments of my own. Praise the God.
Thank you all for the spam. You knew that he was banned, yet you still made comments. Then this thread was even REPORTED...

That's another thing. If you report a thread, state that it's REPORTED. The first person to post reported it and failed to let everyone else know...

Check your inboxes. Some of you are even banned now.