I'm more of a song writer, not a poet, but these were some lines I jotted down as I sat out on my porch right before we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina (I live on the beach in South Mississippi). Granted, it's not my best work, but I just wanted to know what everyone thought of it.

Out of the dark
Nothing moves
Scared of the future
Dazed and confused
United by fear
Of what?s to come
Nothing can stand
Out on it?s own

Everything waits
Nothing?s secure
Nothing is safe

That?s how we are when we see disaster
We can?t save ourselves
We?re not our own master

When we see how fragile we are
We?re no longer immortal
As we watch from afar
i thought it was decent but i didn't like it that much. it definitely has potential.
the first half is probably the best, in my opinion. it's the second half that i don't like. it has a different feel to it. overall, good job. it's not bad.
The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.