and i'm not talking about that piece of shyte with britney spears.

has anyone else seen this movie? if you like blues or rock and you never have seen it, make a trip to blockbuster tonight and thank me later. best music-related movie i've ever seen. it's about a kid who breaks an old blues harp player out of jail and hobos down to mississippi in search of robert johnson's 30th lost song. he gets involved in the bluesman's deal with the devil and faces off against steve vai in a guitar battle for their souls.

anyway, on to my question: ry cooder does the music for the movie (with steve vai at the climax guitar duel), and i LOVE it. it's just slow, dirty, instrumental blues. lots of delta slide feel to it, with some harmonica at times. what other artists have put out some good recordings like this? cooder is an amazing musician, but doesn't play just blues, and a lot of his stuff is honestly pretty weird. in a good way, but not what i'm looking for. does anyone know of some artists that might have inspired his work for the soundtrack? (other than the obvious robert johnson) i'd reaaly appreciate any recommendations here.
is that the movie where steve vai is using a red guitar? I think its a jackson or kramer. And the kid is using a tele?
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