well hopefully you werent drawn in by the title cause this sucks........
anyways wrote this because ive watched so many people mess up social relatioships with everyone just because they wanted to be right or just always had to have conflict....i sufer mildly from this also........well anyway it is supposed to sound kinda crappy in a way.....also is not really be "sung" in my head

You are all guilty and I have nothing left to say
**** off and I?ll find a way to justify this day
I wrote this song and it is completely about you
About all your faults and all the **** that you put me through

I contradict all my thoughts with everything I say
I demonstrate this with everything I pour upon this page

Buy into my pack, this my pack of hungry lies
Otherwise they will continue to wither away and die
Sink your fangs into this feast I have brought with these remarks
Bite into the baited hook that sinks just below the cork

I will continue to wear this mask along with my crown of thorns
I will continue to wear this to distract from these true horns

Because I know you will never let me live this down
I?ll continue to walk through this life with a sullen frown

dont really have an ending...wrote it quite fast...should just scrap huh?