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Jackson RX10D Rhodes V $510
9 28%
LTD EC1000 $700 - 800
18 56%
Agile AL2000 Tiger Eye $200
5 16%
Voters: 32.
I need a 3rd and final axe, ive got 2 great sounding guitars I want one that will sound ok but has the look or style different from mine.

1) Jackson RX10D $510 in transparent blue flame maple, a step up from the RR30 stop tail. Id like a trem on a Rhodes V for sure and the Duncan Designed HB103 Duncan Distortion clones probably sound good. Rhodes did inspire me and Ive never owned his V. http://www.jacksonguitars.com/gear/gear.php?partno=RX10D_Rhoads

2) LTD EC1000 $700 - $800 I want the quilted black cherry but the Duncans sounded better than the EMGs, but either one Cherry or Amber would sound and look sweet. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Guitar/Electric?sku=516629

3) Agile AL2000 $199 Tiger Eye flamed top, a Les Paul for less, a great looker that Id drop some zebra Duncan Distortion brige / Jazz neck pups into and still walk away for $320. Similar tones to the Hamer I already have with JB/Jazz but nicer LP shape with the finish I like. http://www.rondomusic.net/al2000te.html
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My Gear:
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus -honeyburst with Duncan Jb/59
-Crate gt65
-Boss ME-50
Future gear:
-Vox AC30 cc2
2, because I am a big fan of singlecuts.
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Weird selection! $800 to $200 to V to LP.

For your second guitar, get something wild.... the Jackson.
Well if I assume that you have "normal" guitars, then I'd recommend the Rhoads offset V because of A) Floyd rose B) awesomely comfortable shape (especially for a V).
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^yes I have 2 normal guitars, a strat shaped S series Ibanez (thin body), and a Hamer which looks just like a PRS Santana (or Les Paul double cutaway). So Ive got LP tones and close to fat strat tones with the Hamer and Ibanez. I want something mainly on looks, pups can be changed if needed.
Then I'd go for a red Rhoads Offset V with a a Floyd.

Awesome looks, and, if I'm correct, Seymour Duncans come stock in both the neck and bridge.
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^He's NOT talking about the RR3, it's the RX10. Which is not as good.

I vote LTD.
^ Seconded LTD is best Guitar Up there
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Quote by Danno13
^He's NOT talking about the RR3, it's the RX10. Which is not as good.

I vote LTD.

They both use the JT580 LP trem. They both have alder body maple veneer top with canadian hard rock maple necks. The RR3 is .07" thinner at the 12th fret and it has the chrome pickplate I dont like, and binding on the neck I dont want on that style. It has real Duncans but the JB isnt what Id want for a bolt on Alder body at the bridge so it would be $750 + $60 for a SDist. The $510 RX10 has Duncan Distortion set from Duncan Designed which sound as close as you can get to what theyre modeling as far as magnet size, wire gauge, # of turns, you just save with korean labor. I had the HB102 set in a guitar and switched to real JB/Jazz and noticed no differences at all in tone, it just looks prettier with the SD logo written on them. But Ill try another poll with the RR3.

Now the RR5 neck thru is worth the extra $ to me.
I dont get why Duncan Designed arent considered quality when the whole LTD EC1000 or Schecter Hellraiser FR are both made in Korea and regularily get recommended and praised over Fenders and Gibsons here. Trust me if youre upgrading a Duncan Designed HB102 JB/Jazz set DONT BUY SD JB/Jazz set youd just be wasting your time tearing apart your guitar and soldering for no noticeable results. Same goes for any of the DD sets like the Duncan Distortion set.