I've been looking for a Mesa Boogie Mark IV 2x12 cabinet; however, on the Mesa site, they don't have a cabinet series specially designed for the Mk IV listed. Are the Mk IV cabinets discontinued? Do they even exist? What's the next best cabinet to get. I'd like a 2x12 with V30s (I think these are the best speakers). My budget is whatever the price of a Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet is. I am also willing to look at other companies as long as they are better suited for the Mark IV head. I play blues, jazz, hard rock, and some metal. I'd like the amp to sound great clean and have a tight bottom end for a 7-string guitar's 7th B string. Please help me out. Thanks.
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i think the mark IV sjould cover those styles well. i saw a catalogue recently with mark cabs so they doe exist, i'll see if i can find it
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They are discontinued, but the Mark series cabs were the best ones Mesa ever made. Just so happens I have a pic on hand of what the vertical 2x12 Mark IV cab looks like. The 4x12 is the same, just add 2 more speakers.

The best ones are the ones with the Black Shadow and EV mix in them. One of the best cabs PERIOD.