New song, sort of being written as recorded. I want to do a better version of this and have already tweaked some parts.

Don't judge this song on the recording, or my **** voice! Think about tis potential beyond this rough demo.

It's basically a love song I suppose, but I don't think so. More a song about a dream. Recorded acoustic and voice to one mike.

Enjoy, crit for crit as always.

Which song is it? I like the acoustic one, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal purdy.


nm, it was the one I was talking about, nice stuff man.
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I liked the string picking, i didnt like the strummin to much because when you went from chord to chord it was a ear shreakin squeek. didnt like the vox to much... anywho, if u want i have a song i just posted in the original recording thing somewhere...
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as a rough demo i think its oki.. would like to hear the final mix before judging. (plz crit back )
Thanks guys, I did say to judge on potential not just what you hear.

Anyway, if you guys post links I can go crit your stuff.

Sorry for slow reply, work all week.