My amp seems to have problems when the volume is way up. I don't know if it is my guitar or my amp. Whenever I have the volume up (giging volume), and I am not playing, I get really bad, loud, bassey hum. It isn't the feedback like when I let go of the strings and they feedback into the amp. Eben when I have the strings muted and everything it still does it. Is it maybe the pickups? I know they are just basic stock humbuckers in my ESP F-50 so that could be the problem. Anyway, thanks for the help.
all amps do it, just make sure that when you playing that other strings arent ringing out that you dont want to.
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well...since no ones on lol

im guessing its a SS amp. in that case all of them do it. especially practice amps.
Oh. Ok. It is an ss, Crate GT212 to be exact. It isn't the strings ringing out either, as I said, it does it when the strings are muted. When I turn the guitar volume down it doesn't do it.
probably the amp, like said.

u can try standing farther from it, getting an isp noise suppressor, or swapping the amp.

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