hey, i have been playing for a year and a half, as far as im concerned i suck, i would like to be able to listen to music and just play it, not worrying about relying on others for tabs and whatnot

any suggestions, i know it takes a lot of practice, im just a little confused
You can't just learn to play by ear.

You've either got to do it, do it, do it, do it, and do it a little more, and then do it again... or be born blessed with that talent. Few fall into the latter category.


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learn your maj/min scales, and modes.

first you might want to try and figure out what techniques they are using, and what general area of the fretboard they are playing on...

then you can start to pickup intervals more, you know, knowing the intervals of the notes they are playing, but not quite sure of what key.

or maybe you can figure out the key, but not the intervals, idk.

each person is dif, and this is what i know that helps my ear.

Edit: you know it really helps to have to know your fretboard really well. The more you listen to music and learn about music and play guitar and other instruments even, the easier it should become... Just sit with your guitar and a simple song and try to figure out some of it, you never know...
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Another thing is to practice singing while you're playing. Play different intervals and sing them while you play them. Play through scales and sing the notes along the way. Once you get comfortable doing that, you can test yourself by giving yourself a reference tone, then singing the next step up in the scale. Then, while you're singing, play the note on the guitar to see how accurate you were. Those are just some ideas.
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takes time so dont worry, only a year and half is not long at all, your idols werent playing eruption or whatever within a year and half so just be patient, and do as others say and practice it and dont get too frustrated if you cannot learn it by ear, start off easy
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