this is a METAL song i wrote called JUSTIFIED.. umm everything was written by me.
i spent quite a bit of time on it.. so comments are VERY important here.

also tell me what you think of the lyrics, i tried to make them kinda poetic. they might be too straight forward.

check out the song and tell me what you think.

I'm typing while I'm listening - I do like the intro; Very melodic death (Awesome!)
Overall its good - Although I would like to hear the guitar more prominently, the vox seem to drown out the guitar and the drums. Nice array of melodic riffs. Some parts do seem a little muffled - the rythym guitar at about 3:10. I like the little solo after it! I'm impressed that you did everything by yourself!

Very good overall - 8.5/10

Gear List;

Laney VH100R with Matching Cab
Ibanez RGT42FM
Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
I'm listening to the song right now, the first thing I notice is the digital guitars, I don't know if your going for that type of sound, but if you eq it nicely you can probably make it sound less digital. The vocals are kind of muffled, but other than that they seem to go with the music. The solo is kind of weak, doesn't have too much emotion to it. Overall it seems to be a descent song. Good job!
Agreed with that guy, the guitars sound a bit digital. I have the same problem, using a line 6 amp. It's not necessarily terrible, just a bit weak.

Vocals are not really my thing, maybe add a bit of distortion to them.

Riffs are heavy and damn catchy.
Clean coming in.....it's a nice change of pace from the rest of the song.

Solo.....very nice lead tone, did you double track the solo too? Well, it sounds wicked, especially how it fades out with the lead still going.

This was great, vocals could use some work though.
Nice Riffs! Im critting while listeneing.
Riffs were good! Vocals could be stronger! Lovin the clean riff at about 2:20!
Solo is awesome! Not complicated but serves the song nicely!
Overall-8/10 improve vocals and itll be great! I thouroughly enjoyed it!
vocals need a lot more OOMPH in them. try growling louder, but mic farther away, it should work. and work on your growl tone.