Hi, I've got my first ever gig coming up next month, and I've received a suggestion that to boost my leads and solos, I should look into getting a volume pedal.

I know nothing about these, could anyone help steer me in the right direction? Are there any specific features I should be looking for? We'll be playing mainly heavy metal, possibly some hard rock. Any help will be appreciated

A cheaper alternative is to use your volume knob...unless its always cranked to begin with then lower it again when u need to go back to rhythm. (I don't do this cause I'm lazy as hell) . I use an Overdrive pedal cause its more versatile you can tweak it to get the sound you want.

I only find volume pedals good for doing swells. To be honest I don't know too much about good volume pedals. I just wanted to let you know you may not need it for the use your describing. Hah hah sorry if this wasn't of any help.