So I've been lookin at all these "Multi-Effects" boards, and I'm not sure I'm sold. I've heard the sound quality cant come close to the good ol' stomp boxes.

So here is my dillemma...(keep in mind I own exactly ZERO effects pedals..)

How does one customize their own stompbox board, complete with a wah-pedal?? I've seen them at all kinds of concerts...but how do they work?? Is this difficult?

Also, I own pro-tracks recording software. If I was to make my own stompbox board...how would I be able to use it for recording? What kind of recording device should I buy (USB? 8-Track?)

Now I would need a drum machine...how do drum machines work??

How much would ALL THIS cost me??

and finally....

What the heck is MIDI???

Basically...I want some good effects to use for live and recording...and I'm on a budget. And when i say budget...I mean I'm pretty poor haha...

there are places that sell hard core invincible pedal boards that you simply smack a pedal in there and secure it to the board, but ive made one out of a box before. its more than possible to jimmyrig something together for a board.

you would need something in the way of a sound card, either an expansion module or a wholly new one OR a USB mixer, which would be what I would opt for. that would get you hooked up to your computer. you can get either some sort of 8 track or something or you can have it all saved to your hard disk.

a drum machine comes in 2 types. a midi controller or a..i dont know what it would be called otherwise. the midi controller gives you the drums but you plug it into your computer and your COMPUTER gives it sounds; midi controllers have no speakers. the other type would be a fully nearly independent drum machine that likely has speakers and if not speakers it would have an output for an amplifier.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midi will explain it better than i can.

basically, its a lot of money for good good gear for recording. i would suggest not investing in all of that until you know whats what with everything.
i can average $100 per pedal, a few hundred for drum machine, almost $200 for a powered board, and a couple hundred for computer programs.

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