An amp with a 4, 8 and 16 ohm output means just you can easily use it with cabs that have different ratings without anything blowing up.

On the amp select the number that matches your cabinet
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so it's always best to get a lower ohm cab then?

No, just match the cab to the head. Never use a cab with less ohms than the minimum on the amp. Your amp will die.
well it's cuz my amp has the 4 8 12 option so i meant the 8 would be better than 12?
it's a head. i have a carvin cab at 16ohm but i was wondering if i got a 8 ohm cab would it be louder?
No. Not unless it says 8 ohms only and you are running it at 16. Then you would be cutting the power. Not sure if in half or not. If you cab can run at 16 ohms then run it through that cab. It doesn't matter. The ohms are just the resistance that the head needs. A certain amount is NOT better than any other.
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i just noticed that one of the speakers isn't working.. crap. does that lower the resistence? anyone know where i can get sound clips of eminence speakers i heard they were as good as celestion but cheaper?