I always hav wondered how much does an artist or a band earns per album sale
what percenage of an album exctaually goes to them as royality say for example a band sold 4 million copies howmuch will the band earn
Depends on sales and the contract. Obviously a well-established band will bring in more than a debut-album band.
it all depends on the band, the contract signed and the terms between the band and the company............
There's a book called "All you need to know about the Music Business" by Donald Passman. It has a break down of how much an artist makes based on a few different senarios. The book is a little out of date (The author even admitted the book would be out of date by the time you read it ) but still has good info and a new edition is issued every few years. I would recommend finding it in your library or Barnes & Noble and browsing through it. Under one senario. an artist who sold 500,000 records made something ridiculous like $15,000. And that was a solo artist.

It's pretty much based on these senarios:

How big of an advance you were given
How much it took to record/promote
How many units were sold
How many songwriters
How much money the label needs to recoupe.

If you ever wondered why artists like MC hammer and TLC went bankrupt, you'll know after reading that chapter. I also remember hearing that the band Sum 41 had that big album come out and one of the members was still living in his parents house.
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if an average band sells a million records on an average contract and theres 4 band menbers after they tour and promote the album three years later each member recieves about 4 grand and thats no **** and the record company owns theyre music forever. record contracs bring new meaning to the phrase 'sell your soul'
i was watching VH1's the fabulous life and i remember before Mariah careys newest album came out, she made 35 million off of like over 80 million albums sold inten years or so. i mean shes a solo artist. But strangely, obn a nother episode they said tom delonge gave out yoyos made of pure silver at his wedding. and that was before toypaj hit so damn big and his sig guitars came out only a little while before i believe