Yeah well I'm going back to my home country China this summer and I was wondering if it would be safe to buy a guitar there. I know that all the ebay auctions for guitar from China are counterfeits but if I bought a guitar from a store in China what are the chances that it would be fake??
If I find a guitar I like and am wondering about the authenticity then I'll try to get pics and stuff but since I'll be in China the only internet I'll be able to access is NetCafes.

Alright thnx in advance.
In a shop chances are it'll be real - online anyone can say what they like. Remember to get a receipt and explicitly ask if it's the real deal.
i have a home in china but i have internet...

anyways, china shouldn't be making guitars.
I got a guitar from china. it was fake but there is one way to guarantee a fake, the price!
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I would imagine the best way to tell is play it, the fake one are all messed up.
Well about the price I figured it might be cheaper since a lot a major companies have factories in China. Also the exchange rate would work in my favor so that is good. For ex $100 is no t alot, you might be able to get a crappy guitar in the U.S. But ~800 yen is a decent sum of money in China and might buy you say a Epiphone Les Paul.