So I'm going to get a tube amp, annd Ive been lookin 'round. And its come down to two!




I want a vintage tone, I saw the Traynor blue one had a "vintage" speakers but its a little more expensive, should I dish out the extra cash and get that instead? link:


as always, thanks for the feedback

edit: also feel free to suggest anything else in that price range (500-700)
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Thought about saving up a bit more for a Vox ac30? btw checked out the laney VC series?
^ seconded, gutch. Haven't tried it, but from what i hear, yes.

the xxx is much too modern sounding.
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I'd save up the extra $100 and get the blue

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dont buy an amp, amps are just stupid.

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I'd save up the extra $100 and get the blue

x4 GREAT all around amp.
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